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What makes us the best Facebook poker chips seller?

Cheapest prices online

We have the absolutely cheapest price online, we offer you the best possible price so you will get the highest amount of chips for the lowest amount of money, our commitment is to offer you the best possible price at any moment not like other websites that will try to ask for an overrated prices. Come on in we have the Facebook poker chips for sale

5-15 Minutes Order Delivery

Many other sites will make you wait 30-45 minutes, hours or even days to deliver your Facebook poker chips order, some even won't have the stock and will try to get it after your purchase. WE DON'T. We will deliver your order as soon as it has been processed and you contact us, it will take us 5-15 minutes to deliver it to your account in a safe way.

24/7/365 Live Support

We have a 24/7 customer setup at your disposal. We believe you should get support in your chips orders, inquires or questions at any moment. In contrast to many other websites that have a support for 8-12 hours, we will serve you at any time, via our live chat support or email we will help you along your purchase and deliver your Facebook chips instantly.

Secure forms of Payments

Don't worry about online fraud, we have secured by SSL 128-bit encryption forms of payment. Your personal information will remain safe at any moment from any third party interception; your sensitive data won't be compromised at any moment when you purchase the poker chips from us since all the information will be encrypted and safe from any third party.

About Us

We have been selling Facebook poker chips in the market since 2010; we have provided thousands of customers with a perfect sales experience, from the moment of their purchase, the delivery of the chips until our post-sale support for any questions customers might arise. Our mission is to provide with the cheapest possible price in the market, maintain a complete 24/7 support, have unlimited stocks of chips for any demand and to deliver the chips in a fast but safe transaction so your account remains safe at any moment before and after you buy from us.

Why you should buy facebook poker chips

There is many reasons why you should buy them:

Your time is money, don't waste it: Don't waste your time climbing from the small tables, it can take you months to reach the high stakes tables with a decent playing level, your time is worth money, save yourself from weeks or months of hassle to reach higher levels and reach them from one shot with us.

Leave the tables filled in with bingo and donkey tables: Lave behind those low tables which are full of donkeys and bingo players that always send all ins, try to bank their chips and overall ruin the Facebook poker experience, there is no need to play with this people who will ruin your game and provide no fun to it.

Recover yourself from bad beat or luck: Luck isn't always in your side and you might ended up losing your Facebook poker chips from 1 bad luck hand, a hand that might end up taking you down all the time you invested raising your account.

How does it work

There is 3 simple steps to purchase and redeem your chips:

Step 1:

Check our prices and decide which order do you want to buy

Step 2:

Pay for your order and wait for the order to be processed

Step 3:

As soon as you receive your order details go to our live-support and talk to our staff, they will ask you for your confirmation code and will deliver your order in matter of minutes

How long does it take to get my chips?

As soon as your payment has been done, you will receive an email with a confirmation code. After you got your code simply go to our Live chat, it's the top right corner button image. Click on it and fill in your details, out staff will proceed and check your order and provide you with the instructions of how we will transfer you your Facebook Poker Chips, the whole process of transfer should take in between 5-15 minutes, depending how fast you can join the tables to transfer you the chips.

Will my account remain safe if I buy this facebook poker chips?

YES! Your account will remain safe at all time, the only thing we ask from you is to read properly the instructions that our staff will ask you to follow and your account will remain good at all time, before, during and after the purchase. The only thing we ask our buyers is to not try to transfer any friend or third parties because it will probably get their account suspended or banned.

What methods of payments do you take

At the moment we take:

Credit card payments, Western Union, Money Gram, Liberty Reserve, Bank wire transfer.


We are in the process to integrate:

PayPal, Paysafecard, Ukash, CashU, Moneybookers and many other payment methods. If you have any other you require, ask our staff operators for them and we will be happy to integrate them

Money Back guarantee if we don't deliver your order

We will refund 100% your money if your buy an order and you don't want any more the chips or if we fail to deliver your Facebook poker chips to your account. Simply contact one of our staff and he will do it in matter of minutes. Note out we won't take back any chips that have been delivered and you want to deliver them back for a refund, all sales will be final as soon as the poker chips have been delivered.